Basic questions on how to connect to bricks, run programs, change batteries etc.

How long should my ChapR battery last?

Battery Table
For a whole lotta information on batteries, click here!

Why does my ChapR mysteriously turn off every once in a while?

The ChapR has a built-in power saver function that automatically turns it off if it isn’t being used. While the lithium battery can sustain 8 hours of continuous use, this eco-friendly feature seriously extends the battery life. If your ChapR has turned itself off, you just need to turn it on again.  When you do, it will automatically connect to the last NXT it was connected to…and quickly!You can change the amount of time the ChapR takes to auto-power-down.  Click here to see how to configure settings via a USB stick or here to configure using a serial port or the Arduino IDE.

Known Bugs

Yup, we have a few bugs in the ChapR that we know about. Some we’ll fix, some we won’t, and some we just don’t know…but we’ll try.  Here’s the list and how it affects ChapR use.  We will classify our bugs as [nasty]  for those that are really hard to deal with; [annoying]  for problems that don’t cause much difficulty but that are, well, annoying; and [minor]  for those little problems that don’t really cause problems but that we’d like to fix.

How do I update software on my ChapR?

The ChapR code can only be updated using a programmer (see the “Buy It!” page for details) and the Arduino IDE. Go to the source code page to download the code!

Why is the power light on my ChapR blinking?

The reason your power light is blinking is because your battery power is below 6.5 volts. The ChapR will continue to work for a little while after the light starts blinking, however if problems start to occur and the power light is blinking, replace the battery immediately.

How do I get LabView to work with my ChapR?

You’ll need to change the personality to 3. Click here to visit our page on setting personalities via a USB stick or here to set it using a serial port.

How do I connect to a different NXT brick?

First, reboot the NXT.  Then turn on the ChapR in “pairing mode” – you do this by turning it on while holding down both buttons until the blue light comes on.  Both lights will be flashing when in pairing mode. And this means that the ChapR can be discovered via Bluetooth. Select the ChapR on the Bluetooth menu of the NXT you wish to pair with.  The ChapR will squeep when it connects to the NXT.  Then the ChapR will automatically pair with it the next you turn it on as well. If these directions aren’t working for you, try clicking here to visit our page on Bluetooth pairing. If you’d rather try pairing via USB, click here.

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