Bug List

Using The Bug List # – “number” of the bug is for reference purposes, though we don’t have that many bugs (yay) so it doesn’t really matter.
Impact – rated either minor or major
Version – tells the ChapR numbers that had/have the bug
# Impact Description Versions
1 minor Tophat Problem – versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the ChapR software didn’t register tophat directions properly, making the top button send the same way as “not pressed”. ChapR-6 to ChapR-11
2 major Flash Drive Power Problem – larger and more “modern” flash drives take more power than the ChapR can supply. all ChapRs
3 minor Flash Drive Only Port 2 –  you may know that you can only flash-configure using port 2 on the ChapR. If you don’t, YOU CAN ONLY FLASH-CONFIGURE ON PORT 2! Now you know. Just for the record, this is a problem with the USB module we use, not actually a bug in the ChapR. The ChapR will try to make an angry noise at you if you attempt to configure in port 1, but it may not have sufficient power (see above). So…reboot the ChapR after configuring. all ChapRs
4 minor -128 Bug – we found out that LabView and the FCS don’t send -128 to the robot, so we changed the ChapR to do the same. This means that LabView programs that do special things when the sticks hit -128 won’t work with the ChapR (or the FCS!). ChapR-6 to ChapR-11