So you just got your ChapR and you need to know what to do next?  You’ve come to the right place. Just follow these steps… even #0!

If you’re looking for a quick video introduction, check out the videos on our links page.


Insert battery in the ChapR

It is smart to use high-powered Lithium batteries in the ChapR.  They last a lot longer, and hold their voltage all the way until they die.  Some people (like FTC team 8016) use rechargeable batteries – which works great if you’re doing a LOT of drive practice.battery

If the power light on your ChapR starts blinking rapidly, then you need a new battery!  It will start to blink when the battery voltage gets below 6.5 volts. If this happens, the ChapR will still run for a few minutes, but you’re on borrowed time!

Can’t find the battery compartment? Click here.


NXT Bluetooth indicatorGet the NXT Ready

The ChapR uses Bluetooth to control your robot. So you need to prepare the NXT for easy pairing to the ChapR:

  • Reboot the NXT – when pairing to the ChapR, it is always best to start with a newly rebooted NXT…it just works better.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is “on” – you can tell that Bluetooth is on by looking at the upper left corner of the NXT screen.

Pair the ChapR with your robot

When the ChapR pairs with an NXT brick, it learns the Bluetooth ID and remembers it so that the ChapR will connect automatically on power-up the next time. There are two ways to pair: USB and Bluetooth.

If you’ve already paired to an NXT, just start driving (see below).

Pairing via Bluetooth

(if these instructions aren’t cutting it, click here)

Turn on the ChapR in “pairing mode.” – Press and hold both buttons until both LEDs begin flashing to put the ChapR into Bluetooth Pairing Mode. Then, on the Bluetooth menu on the NXT, connect to the ChapR. Accept the default passcode of 1234, and the ChapR will “squeep”, meaning it’s connected.


Pairing via USB

(if these instructions aren’t working for you, click here)

First, turn on the ChapR. Unlike pairing via Bluetooth, you DO NOT have to power-up the ChapR in pairing mode. In fact, if the ChapR is already on, go to the next step. To turn on the ChapR, press and hold the power button until the light comes on. Then plug in a USB to NXT cable into the ChapR (it came in the box with your ChapR). Once you hear the squeep, the ChapR and the NXT are connected, and you can remove the USB (the connection will continue over Bluetooth).


Then you are ready to drive! Plug in controllers, go to your program on the NXT, run it, and press the black action button on the ChapR to release WaitForStart, and drive away! Keep in mind that you can hit the red button to abort the program if something goes wrong. When you are done using the ChapR, don’t forget to hold down the red button to turn it off! Still, the ChapR has an automatic timeout so it will power off automatically after ten minutes.