Pairing via USB

Detailed instructions on how to pair the ChapR to your NXT brick via a USB cord.

If Bluetooth is on, then skip to step 3.If Bluetooth is off, you turn it on by going to the “Bluetooth Menu” on the NXT – makes sense doesn’t it? You get to the Bluetooth Menu from the main menu (as seen on right) by pressing the RIGHT ARROW on the NXT 3 times, the press the center ORANGE button once.When you enter the Bluetooth menu with Bluetooth off, the only thing you can do is turn ON the Bluetooth. So press the ORANGE button on the NXT 2 times to turn on Bluetooth.


Turn on the ChapR.

Hold down the power button until the red light turns on (green in some models). The confirm tone with sound and the other light will either begin flashing (if the ChapR is looking for the NXT it last paired with) or turn solid (if it connected to the NXT it was last paired with).


Make sure Bluetooth is on.

The NXT Bluetooth can be turned on or off. Sometimes it will mysteriously turn off, so to pair with the ChapR you need to make sure that is is on. The indicator for Bluetooth is in the upper left of the NXT screen.

Bluetooth ON



Bluetooth OFF (bad)




Plug in the USB cable.

Plug one end of the cable into the NXT and the other into the ChapR. It doesn’t matter which USB port, or if there is a joystick in the other port. The NXT will make a confirm tone, the Bluetooth light on the ChapR will come on and the ChapR will squeep. Once the Bluetooth LED is solid, the ChapR is connected. If you are still unsure, check the diamond in the top left corner of the NXT screen (next to Bluetooth). If there is a “<>” (a diamond), then the ChapR is connected. However, if there is only a “<“, the ChapR is not connected and the NXT should be rebooted.


Remove the USB cable.

Take the USB cable out of the NXT and the ChapR, replacing a joystick if necessary.