roboRIO Compatibility

First launched with the 2015 season along with the release of the roboRIO, the roboRIO compatibility has three components: the Bluetooth to Serial hardware (the KC4134 from KC Wirefree), the ChapR, and the custom Linux daemon to permanently run on your roboRIO, translating ChapR packets.

KC4134 – Bluetooth to Serial converter

This small plug-in is connected to the ChapR via Bluetooth. It comes with the ChapR by default. However, you can also click here to buy directly from the supplier. Either way, you will need to click here to visit our page on manually pairing the ChapR with the KC4134. You may also have to do this if the ChapR’s Bluetooth connection has been reset (a.k.a the ChapR has been paired to something else).


The ChapR – a standard ChapR with the roboRIO personality

When you buy the ChapR from our “Buy a ChapR!” page, simply select the roboRIO personality option and the ChapR will arrive configured to send roboRIO packets. However, if you want to update an existing ChapR to have roboRIO compatibility, click here to go to our page on updating the software of the ChapR. After the software has been updated to the latest version, navigate here for instructions on changing the personality of the ChapR.

Linux Daemon – a program running in the background on the roboRIO

Because the roboRIO is running Linux, we were able to create and deploy custom code to translate ChapR packets outside of the standard robot code. You are welcome to look through it! Just click here for instructions on downloading and deploying the daemon. Once it is deployed, it will permanently be on your roboRIO. Don’t worry though, it will only do stuff when a KC4134 is plugged in and a ChapR is connected. Your roboRIO will still be safe for competition!