Oh no! You’ve run into a problem! What do you do now? Try a one of the following solutions and see if it helps!

1. The Quick Solution (Hopefully) for When Your ChapR is Acting Silly

Step 0.5 ) Tell your ChapR it will never have a career in comedy.

Step 1 ) Turn off your robot.

Step 2 ) Turn off your ChapR.

Step 3 ) Turn your robot on.

Step 4) Turn your ChapR on.

Step 4.37 ) Believe in the fact that your ChapR will work.

It’s important that you follow the steps in order. Although the ChapR can connect with the robot if the ChapR is turned on before the robot, it seems to work better when the robot is turned on first.

2. The Fix if the ChapR is Running Weirdly AND the Power Light is Blinking

Step 1 ) Replace the current battery with a new one. The ChapR will continue to work a little longer even if you do not replace the battery, however, because the battery is low, the ChapR is struggling to communicate to the NXT Brick over Bluetooth, which causes strange problems.

3. Other Problem

If you have a problem that isn’t addressed here, there is most likely a commentary in the FAQ covering it.
Click here to go to the ChapR FAQ.