Supported Joysticks

Because of the difficulties of creating drivers (and the limited development time), the ChapR only supports three kinds of joysticks: Logitech, XBox 360 and Attack3. They are described below. Note: VID means vendor ID and PID means product ID (both of which are usually unnecessary information).

Logitech F310 – the standard joystick used in FTC

“Dual Action” F310 (3 face buttons): VID – 0x046D; PID – 0xC216

“Rumblepad” F310 (4 face buttons): VID – 0x046D; PID – 0xC218

F310 Joystick

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you set the input switch to the D position for this joystick!  The switch is on the back side of the controller.  This, by-the-way, is the setting that is necessary for official FTC operation, too.  If the joystick is plugged in to the ChapR, and you change the switch setting, you need to power cycle the ChapR (turn it off then on) so the joystick can do a proper switch to the other mode.








XBox 360 – one of the common FRC joysticks (Team Appreciate uses this kind)

Gamestop Xbox 360: VID – 0x0E6F; PID – 0x0401
Afterglow Xbox 360: VID – 0x0E6F; PID – 0x0213
Microsoft Xbox 360: VID – 0x045E; PID – 0x028E

Weirdnesses: the triggers are treated as analog values by the Driver Station (that is to say, not just pressed or not pressed). The translation for this is very weird (and our USB module does strange stuff with the values), so we currently do not support this aspect of the triggers. They are treated as buttons TODO, rather than axes TODO.

Xbox Controller


Attack3 – a true “joystick” in the sense of an airplane style approach (also commonly used in FRC).

Logitech Attack3: VID – 0x046D; PID – 0xC214

Attack3 Controller