FRC Match Mode Overview

“Match mode” is a mode you can put your ChapR into to allow you to cycle between autonomous and teleOp (we’ll call those “phases” of the match). The timing for each section is configurable (through matchConfig.txt). The default behavior (aka using default settings for the timing) is outlined below.

1. Press the red button to determine whether or not you are in match mode. If upon pressing the button, the ChapR makes the “match mode noise” once, the ChapR is not in match mode. However, if it makes the noise twice, it is in match mode. If the ChapR is not in the mode you want it to be, press the red button immediately after the state is read out. You can press the red button after a few seconds to check that the mode has been set properly.

2. Press the action button to start the countdown to autonomous mode. The ChapR will begin beeping roughly once a second, for the 5 seconds (if on the default setting).

3. Step back in awe/alarm as the autonomous program begins after 5 seconds. If at any point the robot needs to be stopped/disabled, simply hit the red button and the robot will be sent the “autonomous disabled” command and the “match” will be ended.

4. Wait 15 seconds (or whatever length of time you set). The robot will run through the autonomous mode section of whatever code is currently deployed. Again, you can hit the red button to stop the program whenever necessary. Hitting the black button during this time won’t do anything. The ChapR will make a noise once the autonomous period is over.

5. Pick up your controllers. There will be a (default) one second delay as the robot switches over to running teleOp.

6. Drive around for 140 seconds (or whatever length of time you set). The ChapR will make a noise when you enter the endgame, then it will make a noise as it stops your teleOp program.