Buy a ChapR!

Full FRC ChapR Package

  • includes USB Bluetooth dongle
  • includes short USB cable
  • includes 9v battery
kc4134_200 thechapr.png
(optional) ChapR Arduino Programmer

  • used to program the ChapR
  • can be used to reprogram FTC ChapRs to work with FRC
  • can be used to customize ChapR code
  • also available from SparkFun
$15.00 Programmer

To Order!

Since we are in the process of collecting pre-orders, you’ll have to fill out the form below to indicate your interest in a ChapR. Your options (in the form are):

  1. I will pay a $50 down payment through PayPal by June 1st (for a total of $155), knowing that I will be fully refunded if there is not enough demand to produce ChapRs.
  2. I will pay the full payment by August 1st through PayPal (for a total of $175).
  3. I am considering buying a ChapR later (for a total of $200).
  4. I will likely apply for a needs-based discount next year (either 50% or 100% off).
Click above to fill out a form indicating your interest and enter your contact information.

Terms of Service

Note that by using this page to buy a ChapR, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service!  (just trying to protect ourselves so we can graduate high school without too many problems).


All payments for ChapRs are done as donations to WESTA – the Westlake & Eanes Science and Technology Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Texas non-profit corporation. The value of the ChapR that you will receive in return is $75 or $90 depending upon the option you choose above.  The rest of your donation goes toward providing ChapRs for teams that cannot afford them.


We charge a flat rate of $10 for shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  We haven’t figured out how to ship the ChapR anywhere else yet, but we will.  This $10 covers the shipping box, postage, and most of the charge that our payment processor assesses.