The ChapR was originally designed for FTC, so it is best at FTC!  It supports the standard Logitech controllers and the pesky “wait-for-start” release that we all know and love.  Here are the FTC-specific things that are designed into the ChapR:

–          The ChapR operates like the Field Control System (FCS) that is used in real matches.  So, for example, it knows how to start your teleop program on your brick for you – ASSUMING that you have set your Program Chooser correctly.  In fact, this is a good pre-match test! However, note that this will NOT happen if the ChapR is in “match mode” (click here for more information).

–          Just like the “real FTC” controls, you can use two joysticks. The joysticks with the best support for LabView and RobotC are the Logitech F310s (which are standard FTC joysticks). However, several other controllers work to some extent (see supported joysticks).

–          You can remotely kill the program with the ChapR – which is really handy during autonomous testing when your robot takes off on its own.

–          Match mode for FTC defaults to a 30 second autonomous period, followed by a 2 minute teleop period (with 30 second endgame).